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   And That’s the Way We Buffalo! We’ve got our horns up high Our hooves down low And that’s the way we Buffalo Buff-alo-oh, Buff-alo-oh! Although I’m unsure of the exact history of this cheer unique to our community, I have heard it every year that I have been here, which now totals fourteen. It is a cheer in which the high school cheerleaders form a line with a Buffalo mascot on each end and they entice the entire to crowd with, “Hey Buffs, Are You Ready?” and then the cheering commences, usually with even the assistance of a few instruments from the band. This cheer is heard at almost every pep rally; it gets tweeted on a regular basis, and has been the topic of one or more commencement speeches. But as I reflect on this cheer, it actually truly began “branding” our school and community long before branding was a buzz word in education. You see, the simple, repeated words really do represent a standard in which we live. Here are a few examples…  Every year, employees in our district are asked to do more with fewer resources. They not only step up to the plate, they do their jobs with commitment, passion, and dedication. …and that’s the way we Buffalo Last spring, the Garden City Police Department worked with school officials tirelessly to provide support and guidance to solving a case involving school threats. …and that’s the way we Buffalo Many teachers give up their summers to gain additional professional development that isn’t required because they know it is what is best for learning. …and that’s the way we Buffalo  Community members, city workers, and teachers donated time and resources to put in walking tracks at two elementary schools to promote activity and wellness for students and families. …and that’s the way we Buffalo  This year, students at Garden City High School present every opponent with a $500 check at both home and away football games to the charity of the opposing school’s choice—all fund-raised by students. …and that’s the way we Buffalo                                                     At tonight’s football game, we are bringing back a tradition that ended in the 1990’s with a live buffalo kicking off the game festivities (Where the Buffalo Roam). And although that buffalo will be a live representation of strength, tenacity, and will, our students, staff and community truly stampede to greatness each and every day.  …’cause that’s the way we Buffalo!   Renee Scott Assistant Superintendent, USD 457 rscott@gckschools.com reneeflaxscott (twitter)  
Posted by scottr  On Oct 20, 2017 at 2:50 PM 67 Comments