Garden City Public Schools Foundation Awards Mini-grants

Garden City Public Schools Foundation Awards Mini-grants
Posted on 03/08/2017

The Garden City Public Schools Foundation Grant Squad visited  schools on Wednesday, March 8th, and awarded $200 mini-grants to help teachers enhance instruction in their classrooms.  The awards were presented to teachers in a surprise celebration in their classrooms.


The foundation received 25 grant applications from staff around the school district.  The grants are awarded to help support learning initiatives in the classrooms.  The grants may be used for the classroom, department, or individual staff development for a district employee. The applications are read and judged by the Garden City Public Schools Foundation committee.


Judy Jennings, Jennie Wilson Elementary School physical education teacher, will use the grant to purchase 10 sets of stacking cups for use in the school’s PE classes. Sport stacking not only promotes physical fitness, but also academic learning and concentration.


Dianna Deniston, Victor Ornelas Elementary School interventionist, will use the grant to purchase measurement materials and resources.  The goal is to provide access to hands-on opportunities to measure and problem solve.  It will help to strengthen the students understanding of measurement concepts at their grade level.


Mechele Thompson, Florence Wilson Elementary School librarian, will use the grant to purchase items to build a Lego wall that would be usable by the entire student body at the school.  The goal is to create a surface where students can create and build on items that can become a school wide project. It would be become a focus of students working together.


Anne Combs, Garden City High School math teacher, will use the grant to purchase algebra tiles and number lines.  The goal is to give freshmen manipulatives to bridge the gap between the words and the application of the topics. It provides visual explanation not only of positive and negative integers but uses squares as placeholders for variables as well.


Kae Lee Armstrong, Garden City High School counselor, will use the grant to purchase a GoPro Hero Session video camera to strengthen connections between the community and the students and GCHS.  The camera will be loaned out to individuals of local businesses so they have the opportunity to describe their daily experiences on the job as well as expose the students to their work environment. 


The Garden City Public Schools Foundation was founded in 2004 and is a non-profit organization that is committed to effectively generate, manage and distribute funds to stimulate excellence for the preservation and enhancement of exemplary education provided by Garden City Public Schools.  The Foundation offers the opportunity to enhance the learning environment, increase the effectiveness of instruction and to help strengthen and broaden ties between the schools and community.  The Foundation functions in alliance with the Western Kansas Community Foundation.