Resources for Parents

The District will be posting resources for parents to support their student's continuous learning on the site.  Check back as these resources develop.

Parents, please be advised!  The District has distributed iPads for continuous learning to students in grades 2-12.  When these devices are used in schools, the District filters websites while on our network.  However, when the devices are used on outside wifi networks, there is no filtering.  Therefore, it is the parent's responsibility to monitor their students' use of these devices to ensure that appropriate content is accessed.  If you would like information on at home filtering options, contact you Internet Service provider for details. 


 Need Additional Help?  
 Call the Technology Help Hotline  620-805-7178. (Hours of Operation Monday through Friday  8:00-5:00)
Complete the Technology Help form found here
 COVID19 Supports
 June Roundtable for Diverse Families: COVID-19 Supports
For dates and topics, click HERE
 College Admissions During Covid19
Resources to help 2020 graduates make post-secondary decisions
 Connect iPad to Wifi
Connect your school iPad to a Wifi Network (English)
Connect your school iPad to a Wifi Network (Burmese)
Connect your school iPad to a Wifi Network (Vietnamese)
Connect your school iPad to a Wifi Network (Spanish)

Internet Providers 
This information is provided to inform users during the implementation of the continuous learning plan.
Internet Providers

How to Join a Zoom Meeting 

Tutorial for Parents on how to join a Zoom meeting 
 Cricket Phone Help  
How to turn on Mobile Hotspot and Password - English
How to turn on Mobile Hotspot and Password - Spanish
How to turn on Mobile Hotspot and Password - Burmese
How to turn on Mobile Hotspot and Password - Vietnamese 

Community Resources

English Short Form Community Resource Guide.pdf
Spanish Short Form Community Resource Guide.pdf
Viet Community Resource Guide.pdf
Burmese Community Resource Guide.pdf

Age of Learning

These Age of Learning Resources are provided free for use during the Continuous Learning implementation.  You will use the code SCHOOL3057 and can add up to 3 children per account. - PreK-2nd  Full online curriculum for children ages 2-8 with over 850 lessons with a step-by-step learning path.  Also included is a significant amount of Spanish language content.

Adventure Academy - 3rd - 8th A massively multiplayer online game for students.  Adventure Academy bring learning to life in all content areas in a safe and engaging virtual world. 

ReadingIQ- Through 6th grade  A digital library and literacy platform that provides access to thousands of books, including many books in Spanish. There is an off-line mode that does not require continuous Internet connectivity. 

 FastForWord Troubleshooting tips when using FastForWord

Parent Guide to FastForWord - English
Parent Guide to FastForWord - Spanish
Parent Guide to FastForWord - Burmese
Parent Guide to FastForWord - Viet

 Covid-19 Responses

 Covid-19: Five Helpful Responses for families.
How to respond in a helpful way to your children's questions. 

Grab and Go Lunch Information.  Click the link on the left. 

Click here for information on Grab and Go lunch.

EPoints Plus
Digital Books

To access ePointPlus Digital Books, go to  Use the following account information to log on:
K-2 Username:  keeplearning_k-2  Password:  read
3-5 Username:  keeplearning_3-5  Password:  read
6-8 Username:  keeplearning_6-8  Password:  read
9-12 Username:  keeplearning_9-12  Password:  read

Open THIS flyer to read more about this service. 

Internet Options

Cox is providing a free month of Internet through its Connect2Compete program.  Open the flyer to get the full details. 
Connect2compete flyer (Spanish) 
Connect2Compete flyer (English)


This is a handy reference guide for you to help your student with their online music curriculum.  I your student does not have a class code, contact their teacher or use the class code D64K2Y .
English -Quaver Reference Guide.pdf
Spainish -Quaver Reference Guide.pdf

Science Digital Resources

Sign in to Amplify at 
Password:  COVID2019

Space Explorers International Space Station Learning Activities